Coconut Flakes

The husks and shells are removed and the remaining white coconut meat washed in pure, filtered water (no chlorine is present). The coconut is then shredded and slowly dehydrated at 98° F (37° C). The result is shredded, raw coconut that tastes great and has a wonderful texture. Unadulterated and unheated, these coconut flakes contain all the natural nutrients found in coconut.

Moisture    :    3.5% Max
Total Fat    :    67 to 71%(Dry Basis)
Free Fatty Acid    :    0.15% Max
PH    :    6.1 to 6.7%
Sodium Metabisulfite    :    < 100ppm
Color    :    White
Flavor    :    Mild and Sweet, No off flavor
Particle SIze    :    Thin Flakes, 1 to 2 Inches long

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